The Fork In The Road Project: Some of the latest highlights

“We believe that this decade may very well decide if we’re going to thrive as a species, or not…” Futurist Gerd Leonhard explains the idea behind The Fork Project in this presentation. And that is why our Manifesto starts with stating this: “Humanity has entered a critical moment in its history. The coming decade is aContinue reading “The Fork In The Road Project: Some of the latest highlights”

Must read by Buckminster Fuller

“By my own rules, I may not profess any special preoccupation or capability. I am a random element. … There is nothing even mildly extraordinary about me except that I think I am durable and inquisitive in a comprehensive pattern. I have learned much; but I don’t know very much; but what I have learned,Continue reading “Must read by Buckminster Fuller”