Five Kids From the Future

Children are our future, in every sense of the word. But what might that future be like, and how might it shape the lives of young people? Thanks to COVID and numerous other social, ecological, and technological shifts taking place right now, the future of childhood is evolving. 

Key word is urgency

In 2019 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated that we have only left until 2030 to really prevent irreversible damage from climate change. We are literally the last generation to do so and we have less than ten years to achieve the biggest transition of all times, since humans have walked on thisContinue reading “Key word is urgency”

Co-Creating Our New Human Story

by Martin Rutte Note to readers:  This is a unique but powerful vision from Martin, an early #forkintheroadproject signatory Enough already! The significant problems we’re facing aren’t being solved:  Pandemics attack us, ice caps melt, terrorism continues, millions suffer drought and famine, and the threat of nuclear weapons hangs over our heads. Have you everContinue reading “Co-Creating Our New Human Story”