The Fork In The Road Project: Some of the latest highlights

“We believe that this decade may very well decide if we’re going to thrive as a species, or not…” Futurist Gerd Leonhard explains the idea behind The Fork Project in this presentation.

Highlights of the latest #forkintheroadproject presentation by Futurist Gerd Leonhard

And that is why our Manifesto starts with stating this: “Humanity has entered a critical moment in its history. The coming decade is a time of great historical significance, and the decisions humanity collectively makes in the next 10 years may well determine whether our future is bright and prosperous, or whether it leads to misery and perhaps even our eventual demise as a species.” 

Futurist Glen Hiemstra (Co-Initiator) writes on his latest blog :

“The idea of the Fork in the Road Project is to use engaging futurist narratives, deep foresight and our unique story-telling ability to help dramatically accelerate global conversation and action, in this decade, on the following 4 issues:

1. Dealing with the climate crisis so that humans and all life can continue to flourish
2. Designing new economic and political frameworks, based on sustainable principles
3. Managing exponential, scientific and technological progress
4. Governing human enhancement, longevity, and human genome editing so that progress continues while consequences are carefully considered

The idea of addressing these four issue domains together, in a systemic way, was also attractive to me. In addition, you may be familiar with the theory of the civilization “great filter.” This theory asks why, with over 200 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, and at least 50 billion planets now assumed to orbit these stars in the habitable zone, why don’t we see more clear evidence of intelligent civilizations in our neighborhood? The great filter theory is this: when a civilization reaches a level of technological and scientific capability to begin to travel into space, by necessity that same technological capacity means that the civilization is maxing out its environmental impact and is also capable of producing weapons sufficient to destroy itself. Perhaps, the theory suggests, few if any galactic civilizations turn out to be mature enough to pass through this great filter and indeed “qualify for continuance in the Universe.” READ MORE

Futurist David Houle (also Co-Initiator)comments “We see the #forkintheroadproject as a call to action, an understood metaphor, a story to be told and a meme that can raise awareness that in the 2020s humanity is at the fork in the road on every major issue facing humanity.  As futurists we are not about solving problems and building organizations.  We are about seeing the trends, the dynamics, the forces at play that are ahead of us all.  We see that humanity is in one of its’ most critical junctures in history.  As people who look at the arcs of history and project them into the future, we see that this decade, these nine years to 2030 is the time when the decision will be made – consciously or ignorantly.” READ MORE

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